Monday, April 23, 2012

Kitchen Chalkboard

I forgot that I hadn't posted my chalkboard yet. I finally did finish making the chalkboard for my kitchen. Remember my DIY Pottery Barn wall art that I made for my apartment like 5 years ago...

well, I used the frame that my husband made out of molding for my chalkboard.

For the board part, Calvin cut to size a piece of really thin particle board stuff...I'm not really sure what it is called, but you can get a big piece of it at Home Depot for $10. Then I primed and painted it and attached the board to the frame with a staple gun. As you can see from the smudges on the board, I have been using it. It's been great to jot down quick reminders and grocery items we need.

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Sunshine - said...

I love it! I want one when I move again!