Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another Weekend Project....yeah right.

We started another project where I thought, "This will be simple. Throw up some paint. Calvin will build a quick desk. Easy, right?" Well, it's now almost three in the afternoon and the room is at a standstill looking like this...

You would think I would learn my lesson. (I apologize for the shadowy pictures. The lighting is horrible.)
For my Christmas present I decided I wanted to fix up the tiny room in our basement as a craft room. A place where I can do my sewing and have all my fabric and craft supplies organized. The room was beginning to be a disaster. With no real place to put everything, it was all ending up in piles on the floor. So far today, after taking everything out, we realized how bad the walls are. They aren't plaster or drywall. They are horizontal wood slats that are all warped and covered with nails. So, instead of just painting them, like I originally thought, we need to put some mud/texture on them. The carpet smelled like cat pee from the previous owners, so we decied to take that out too. I am excited for it to be done, and even though I always complain about these projects you know I still LOVE them. It's an addiction. :)