Saturday, December 31, 2011


I was able to do a few renderings this month. Here are a couple that I did.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Decor

Christmas is almost here so I thought I would share my holiday decor with you. I didn't purchase anything new this year. I just used what I already had and tried to make it look nice.  I did make a new wreath this year though. The plain wreath was given to me last year. So to decorate it this year, I purchased some small red balls at Walmart for $3. I used some silver ornaments I already had and the little beads are from a garland I already had but wasn't using for anything. The "H" was also something I had on hand. I painted it white and hung it on the wreath with some ribbon. All I spent on this wreath was $3.

I have a hard time with Christmas decorations because I like too many "Christmas styles." I love the traditional red and green style, but I also love the more elegant silver and gold combination. This year I kind of split my room and did two different styles. The perfectionist in me was fighting it and I kept going back and forth, but then I just said to myself, "You know what?! Who is really going to care?!!" This is how I decorated my entry table using stuff I had:

During our Thanksgiving vacation in WA we made darling little gingerbread houses, all red and green,  and my talented sister in-law made me that fabulous tulle wreath

And in my apothecary jars I used some small ornaments mixed with pine cones.

Now, the other side of my room I used my decor that I purchased a couple years ago. It's in grays, silvers, and golds.  I hung small wreaths from my curtain rods using ribbon. Very simple and inexpensive.

I bought my Christmas decorations a couple years ago and am proud to say I only spent $50. I gave myself a budget and stuck to it, and I have to admit I think it looks pretty great for $50.

It's a combination of stuff from Michaels, Target, and Walmart.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Schoolhouse Pendant

Wow! I have been major slacking on posting lately. This last week went by super fast for me!
Anyway, my kitchen projects are finally getting started. Thanks to a very helpful reader, a couple days ago I purchased this little beauty for over my sink:

The best part is that it was only $39.95 from Destination Lighting. They have free shipping if you spend $50, so to get the free shipping I bought a couple CFL's (something that will always come in handy to have around the house). I thought it was a great deal, AND I just checked the tracking number and it should be here today! I hope I am still this happy about my purchase when I see it.