Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Pendant Search

I am still working on sprucing up my kitchen. There have just been a few things holding me up. My daughter's party was one of them, and then this last weekend my handyman (also known as husband) shot an elk, so every night this week he has been, literally, up to his elbows in meat. Disgusting, I know. Anyway, I have been trying to find some options for a new light above my sink. Here are some lights from Lowes that I have been thinking about.

But then, on Pinterest last night I saw this:

I LOVE that light! It has a classic look to it that I think would be perfect in our 1940's home. The price isn't perfect though. I found a similar one here, but it is more than I wanted to spend, so I am going to keep looking for a less expensive one. Wish me luck!


Kadie Kinney said...

Miss Amber, are you a member of Bellacor Pro? I found this one for only $66 on there. The shapes a little different, but it's close. Anyway, if you haven't checked them out yet you should! Good luck!

Amber Horch said...

Thanks Kadie!!

Lisa Joy said...

Have you looked at Globe Lighting? They have a huge selection. Their online store is and in the upper righthand corner there's a link to all their schoolhouse lighting fixtures, which are $40 and up. Good luck!

P.S.--When we renovated our 1920's Craftsman bungalow, we got all our lighting from either Globe or Lowe's and it looks great.

Amber Horch said...

Wow! They have some great options! Thanks!