Friday, November 4, 2011

1st Birthday Bash

My daughter's first birthday was this week, so of course I wanted to throw her a party. Let me just begin by saying that the day didn't go exactly as planned. There was quite a few ups and downs. It started with me puking my guts out the night before and thinking, "We are definitely postponing the party." I had some stomach flu thing, but luckily by morning I felt great, despite the fact that I didn't get much sleep, so the party was back on. But then, my daughter started acting a little cranky. So of course a million worries are running through my head, "Oh no, is she sick now? Maybe she is just tired because I woke her up a few times last night. Maybe she is teething." I don't know if I should cancel the party or not. The whole morning I am going back and forth trying to figure out what to do. I finally decide that we are just going to do the party, and pray that the baby doesn't get sick in the middle of it. So, with all of that going on I was pretty stressed trying to get everything done that I wanted to do, and the party decorations weren't as perfect as I pictured in my head. But with all of the drama, my baby girl had a wonderful time at her first birthday party, and that is all that matters.

I had fun making the invitations. (I edited out my daughter's name. It didn't just say "E" :) )

The birthday girl all ready for her guests to arrive!

I, of course, had to make a cute little birthday banner. I made it with cardstock and used crepe paper for the ruffles. And I apologize for the crummy pictures. The party was in the evening, and I had planned to take good pictures before it got dark outside... but that didn't happen.

I set up a few pictures on our entry table and then the guests placed their presents there as they came in.

I took a cake decorating class in college, so I like to make cakes. For E's I decided to do an ombre look.

And decoration with the most effect was the pom pom chandelier. I made the pom poms myself and then hung them and the paper lanterns to the light chain. I loved the way it turned out!

The party was a huge success! E loved her cake, that she insisted on eating with a spoon.

She was having the time her life...

until, right after the guests had left, she fell and cut her eyebrow open. Luckily, she is fine. We took her to the doctor, and it was just a minor cut, but I told you the day had it's ups and downs.


Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

That party looks amazing! I love how you decorated the cake...and the chandelier is my favorite too! Happy Birthday E!

Katy said...

What a cutie!! And eating her 1st cake with a spoon - - what a dainty little lady! That cracks me up. It all looked so wonderful - very bright and fun!

Sunshine - said...

how adorable! that cake is awesome!