Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pottery Barn Finds

I am always excited when I get a new Pottery Barn catalog in the mail. I never can afford anything, but I always find so much inspiration there. Here are a few of the things I am loving.

Sorry this pic is a little grainy because I had to scan it in, but check out the numbered baskets! What a fun way to liven up some functional yet boring storage baskets.

Just use some house numbers. These one from Lowes are only $4.98 ea.

I also like PB's upholstered chairs. Like the Napa Chair with this Peacock Bhotah slipcover.

I am also really loving Pottery Barn's lighting collection lately. I'm a big fan of this Exposed Bulb Pendant track lighting

The Holiday catalog also got me really excited to start decorating for Christmas. I am trying to hold off, but is is very tempting. I have been seeing a lot of silver and gold holiday decorations and I love the combo. My tree decorations are silver and gray but this year I might have to add some gold to them.

I thought these Magnolia Lights from Pottery Barn were super cute and easily DIY-able. Christmas lights and paper....anyone want to try?

One of my favorite decorations I saw in the PB catalog was this antler art.

It's rustic, yet a little modern, and so fun! Antlers also could be great to hang stockings from.


Patricia Villamil said...

i just found your blog, i love it! found you through pinterest btw.

Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

I'm the same way, I love looking through catalogs but can never afford anything! Those antlers would be a great x-mas decoration, and they could be used year round as well!

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