Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The High Chair Search

I have been looking for a high chair for a while now. We have been borrowing my parents old one. I really wanted a wood high chair because they have so much character, but I was having a few issues trying to find the prefect one. First of all, antique chairs are kind of hard to come by. At least where I live they are. Second, all the antique ones I found were overhead trays, which I didn't want. I wanted a sliding tray. The third problem I was having was most of the antique high chairs weren't very stable. Which is understandable because they are old, but if I am going to putting my child in it I want it to be safe. The last issue I was facing was the prices. Most of the antique chairs were approximately $80, and I found a brand new one for $135 but both of those prices were just way out of my range. Well, anyway, after searching and searching I finally found this little beauty:

I found it at an antique store. I have no idea how old it is, but I love it! I love it's simple clean lines, and it's really sturdy. But, what really sold me on it was the price. I only spent $25!!! It is missing the tray, but my crafty husband said he could easily make one. Now I just need to figure out what color I am going to paint it. I am thinking about doing a fun color like one if these high chairs.

Isn't this pink high chair absolutely adorable?! I LOVE the wingback look.

I was hoping to have a cute high chair for my baby's birthday this week, but I don't think it is going to happen. Oh well. I will still have to take some cute pics of her in it when it is done.

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Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

oooh I love it! and am so jealous! I went antique shopping for a wood high chair a while back and had the same problems, they were all cute but not stable. We settled for a wood Eddie Bauer one from target and I'm really not to fond of it.

Make sure to take some pictures of the tray being made, I'm curious to see how it's done!