Saturday, October 19, 2013

A New Look

You might have noticed, but I'm slowly updating the look of my blog. Now that I am going to get back into blogging, I thought a change would be nice. I have A LOT to learn about blog design though, but I really enjoy doing it. Just like my interior design, I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I learn something new and actually make it work! Such as my new social media icons. I am super proud of myself for figuring those out! I thought I would give some credit to some of the help I have found in creating my new look. I found this blog post from Hey Love Designs and it has tons of info.

Michelle has combined 50 different links to posts about blogging. There is everything from blog design to promoting your blog.

To make my own social media icons I used Kira's post from A New Leaf. She also has a whole section called Primp My Blog with lots of information on blog design.

To learn how to create my own icons I used this post from IFabbo. Also very helpful.
I still have a few things on my blog that I need to update and change, but like I said before it will probably happen slowly. So please be patient with me as I educate myself in the blog design world.


Alex moner said...

Twitter, Google+ and blog feed, and as a bonus, the icons will rotate when you hover over them.Social Media Icons

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