Monday, September 24, 2012

The Kitchen

Sorry it took me a few days to add more pictures. This last weekend seemed like it lasted forever. We started potty training our 22 month old. It was just like having your first baby. Everyone keeps telling you how hard it is going to be and you just think, "Oh yeah, but I can totally handle it." Then it comes and you realize how naive you were. :) We did this 3 day method some friends of ours told us about actually worked really well! The first day I kept thinking, "This is never going to work in 3 days." But on the second day it was like it all of the sudden clicked for her. Seriously amazing! She is not perfect yet, but we are getting there. No accidents so far today! So anyway, I will get back the house now. Next am going to show you the kitchen and breakfast nook. Not a lot of decorating here, but what was really fun about this house was I was involved early on in the building process and was included in a lot of the finish selection.

(Sorry. The pictures aren't super great. There are so many windows in the house and I took the pics mid day, so lighting is not working with me.)

The homeowners actually custom ordered a bigger round table like this one that will seat 8, or 10-12 with a leaf. The furniture store was kind enough to let us use the one they had for the parade. The bigger one will fit the space a little better.

Pretty awesome kitchen, right? And yes, that is a T.V. coming out of the island in the picture above.

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