Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clothespin Texture Ball

My friend from design school came up with a fun little group project. Our first semester of school in our Design Basics class we had to do a texture ball project. We could use anything we could think of to create a ball with visual texture. So along with my other classmates we decided to do this project again.

Here is what a started with. A paper mache ball and some clothespins.

I painted the ball and glued the clothespins randomly on it.

The clothespins make the ball versatile. Since Valentine's Day is coming up I decided to add a theme to my ball by clipping some paper hearts and the word "Love" to the clothespins.

And then for a different look I just clipped a bunch of random letters to the ball.

It looks pretty good on my entry table next to my lettered ceramic balls in my apothecary jars.

Now here's what some of the other ladies came up with, and be sure to check out their blogs to find out all the details.

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Caley said...

So fun! I love the idea that you can change it up for different occasions! Thanks for linking up to mine too!