Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simple and Inexpensive DIY Art

I mentioned in my last post that I would tell you how I did my DIY art for the craft room, and here it is! I made the pictures of the iconic chairs using magazines. I got the idea from my friend, Andrea, over at Strawberry Chic.
First, I went through my old magazines and cut out different pages with similar colors.

Then, I printed out two copies of a picture of the chair in black and white.

One of the copies I cut apart. I cut out the different pieces of the chair by it's lightness and darkness.

Then, I took those pieces and found similar shades of color and traced the shape onto the magazine page and cut it out.

I used the other black and white print out to lay the pieces on so I didn't get the different pieces mixed up as I went. I just kept cutting out all the pieces until I had the whole chair, and then I glued it all on a piece of cardstock. I had some old frames I wasn't using, so I painted them white, cut out some mats from some left over mat board I had, and that was it! This project didn't cost me a dime!

I loved the way they turned out. They're a little abstract and artsy, and it was super fun to do!
I did something similar to this in my baby girl's room, except I used scrapbook paper.

Super inexpensive and cute! This little collage cost less than $20. The frames I found on sale at Michael's for $3 each, and the paper cost me $5. I love it when I can do stuff for that cheap!


Allison said...

Those are fabulous and I love how budget friendly they are! Very creative!

Courtney Price said...


Rose Tree Originals said...

Great idea... another to store away for inspiration and thank you for sharing :) I found you through Danielle Oakey Interiors blog.

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

I am definitely trying this one!